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Interior design


Residential | Resale | 2023

We have helped upgrade a residential space located at 180 ANG MO KIO Avenue 5. The client was looking to upgrade their property with modern luxury interior design and optimal use of space. Based on their specific requirements, we worked on planning a design. Once approved, we have implemented the design to upgrade the interior of their home.

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Residential | Resale | 2023

A property owner on Sandwich Road contacted us to for renovation of interior. They wanted to improve the look and feel of their interior. In this regard, they shared with us their specific needs in terms of use of space, the colour of the wall sand the flooring. Accordingly, we presented them with multiple design options.Once approved, we finished working on the project within the agreed upon deadline.

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Interior design
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Modern Interior Design


We believe that everyone deserves a functional and beautiful environment to work or live in, which is why we strive to revolutionize renovation and construction processes in order to make unique interiors more accessible to a wider range of clients.

From design conceptualization to completion, we will help you to create designs and build interiors that are flawless.


  • Interior Design for Residential
  • General Maintenance and Contract Works
  • Interior Design for Commercial
  • Additions and Alterations Works


Our team of highly-skilled designers has a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds. They are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills required to build dream homes and successful interiors.

Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee
Tan Jian Long
Tan Jian Long
Project Director
Daryl Ang
Daryl Ang
Senior Interior Designer

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We were looking to renovate our kitchen and dining space. Createmake team understood our requirements well. It took us to go through a few options to finalise a design that we really liked. We had a time constraint. However, Createmake team helped finish the work within deadline.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse tincidunt sagittis eros.
Liam Wang
VP of Company
Interior design
We recently bought a new office and were looking for an experienced interior designer for our work space. Createmake assess the space and based on our requirements, they helped design our new office. It was nice experience working with them
Min Li
VP of Company
Honestly speaking, we were not quite sure what we were looking for in our new home. Hence, we contacted Createmake. During the consultation phase, they ask us various questions regarding our preferences. Based on whatever idea we could provide them, they crafted an initial design for our home interior. After a few modifications, we approve the design. Frankly speaking, the result is much better than what we hoped for.
Xiu Chen
VP of Company
Bathroom Interior Design
Our house was in quite good shape. However, as we were moving to another location, we thought of selling it.  As we plan to sell it, we thought of upgrading it to secure a better deal. Hence, we contacted Createmake and sought their suggestion as to what minor yet meaningful upgrades we could make. The result we got is truly amazing; however, the plan was to sell it eventually, so we could not enjoy living there.
Hong Liu
VP of Company
Bedroom Interior Design