How do you renovate your HDB flats following noise rules in Singapore?

Singapore has set quite a few strict noise rules for renovation and construction, keeping in mind the comfort of your future neighbours. You may be excited to renovate your HDB flats according to your taste and preference. However, a noise complaint from your neighbours not only put a halt in your renovation work, it can also strain the relationship with your neighbours if you don't address their concerns. Ideally, any professional and experienced interior designer in Singapore is aware of these rules and abides by them.

5 tips to plan HDB renovation schedule according to noise rules

The following tips can help you plan your HDB renovation schedule effectively following the noise rules. Let’s discuss them further.

Be familiar with HDB noise rules

Ideally, you can conduct noisy renovation work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on week days, with a quiet period between 1 and 2 p.m. Furthermore, you cannot perform any high-decibel renovation work on weekends and public holidays.

Prioritise noisy tasks

You should get noisy tasks such as drilling, heavy carpentry, or various demolition work done as early as possible within the permissible hours.

Schedule quiet tasks

If you schedule the noisy tasks in the morning or by afternoon, allocate the quiet tasks, such as painting, installing fixtures, etc., in the late afternoon.

Inform your neighbours

If you plan any renovation work in your home, it is better to inform your neighbours about it in advance. This will help them prepare for the noise and might help avoid noise complaints.

Be flexible with your schedule

In situations where your neighbours are working from home or are undergoing study sessions, you may need to reschedule some of your noisy tasks for later.

Rules are set not to restrict you but to help you create a harmonious relationship with neighbours by respecting their comfort and need for silence.

5 tips for soundproofing HDB flats during renovation and construction

Heavy construction, demolition, or renovation work will likely cause noise. Even if you schedule them within permissible hours, they might cause discomfort to neighbours who are at home. However, you can take some measures on your end to soundproof your home during renovation so as not to cause disturbance to neighbours.

Use noise control equipment

Nowadays, many interior design contractors use construction tools with noise control features. They use equipment with sound-dampening technology, low-noise engines, and vibration isolation.

Install temporary acoustic barriers and enclosures

You can consult with your interior designers and their contractors to set up temporary acoustic barriers or screens around the renovation area. They can help reduce the noise coming out of your home, especially when performing noisy construction work such as drilling, hammering, etc.

Acoustic mats and blankets

You can also use acoustic mats and blankets and drape them over walls, floors, etc., to reduce noise.

Minimise echo

An empty room can cause an echo effect, increasing the noise generated by renovation noise. To avoid this, you can add temporary sound-absorbing materials to reduce the echo.

Avoid scheduling simultaneous noisy tasks

It is better to avoid scheduling all noisy construction work at the same time. Instead, include less loud or quiet tasks in between heavy work to reduce the noise effects.

How do you deal with noise complaints due to your home renovation work?

Despite your efforts, your neighbours might raise noise complaints during the renovation process. The following tips can help prevent escalating the situation and find a middle ground that suits both parties.

Transparent communication

Share your renovation schedule with your neighbours. Let them know when they can expect loud noises to help them prepare for the same.

Be empathic

Even after you follow the rules, your neighbour might have complaints, especially if they have a newborn, are working from home, or are being home-schooled. On your part, you can listen to their concerns, offer a genuine apology, and maybe work out a time when you can finish all your noisy work without causing your neighbours any issues.

CREATEMAKE is an interior design studio that helps with residential interior design in Singapore. We ensure our contractors follow all the noise rules concerning construction or renovation work at your home. Additionally, we regularly visit the site to address any possible concerns to ensure our contractors perform the renovation or construction work efficiently.