How can you maximise space in your home?

Whether you live in condos, built-to-order (BTO) flats, etc., your home may seem to have less space compared to the number of residents living there. However, you can improve space utilisation with effective home interior designs. Hiring an interior designer in Singapore can help you with proper space planning, furniture layout, etc., to improve aesthetics and maximise the space of your home.

11 tips to create space in your home

With careful planning, an interior designer can successfully help make your home appear big despite having limited space. The following tips can help create space in your home.

Open up entryway

An entryway should offer plenty of space for people to move effectively. For instance, you can place a bench or sitting area near the entryway where the residents or guests can sit to remove their shoes or keep their bags or backpacks. If you lack space to arrange the sitting area, you can add wall-mounted hooks, open shelves to keep small household items, etc. Additionally, placing a mirror facing the entire home in your entryway can help create the illusion of a large space.

Living rooms

It is quite challenging for homeowners to keep their living space mess-free. These rooms are often the centre of most activities, such as family members hanging out, kids playing and leaving their toys everywhere, guests visiting unannounced, etc. As a result, they often leave behind a huge mess. In such situations, you can keep multi-functional furniture to maximise space. This includes keeping coffee tables with drawers and open shelves below, ottomans with storage space, etc. Storing different objects out of sight can make your living room appear spacious and mess-free.

Installing multi-purpose furniture

Taking a cue from the previous point, you can opt for multi-purpose furniture for different rooms in your home. They can help save space, are multi-functional, and hence are a great investment. The following are some examples of this type of furniture.

. Sofa bed - These can be used both as a sofa and a bed. When you are spending time with family and friends, use the sofa and then convert the same into a bed if you need to make sleeping arrangements for additional guests. As a result, you need not buy a separate bed that would have taken up more space and later is rendered useless once the guests leave.

. Coffee table with built-in storage – As mentioned earlier, you can use a coffee table with built-in storage to keep all the mess hidden in the living room. You can use this space to keep books, magazines, kids' toys after they are done playing, game consoles, and other items that are not being used at that specific time.

Mount TV

Instead of keeping your TV on a table, you can mount it on the wall. Doing so can help save floor space in your living room.

Install Shelves

Shelves can be a stylish addition to your home. Moreover, if your house has limited space, installing shelves is a practical solution to store various items effectively without causing a mess. When installing shelves in your house, you should consider the following aspects.

· Installing shelves on unused walls – By installing shelves on unused walls, you can create interesting designs for your home interior and also store items effectively. You can choose to install shelves in your bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom walls for an effective storage solution.

· Floating shelves – They don't take up floor space and, hence, are a great storage option for small rooms or flats. Furthermore, you can mount these shelves above other pieces of furniture for maximum space utilisation.

· Select appropriate shelves – Consider the location where you want to install shelves and the items you want to store. It will help you determine the right size and material for the shelves you should buy. For instance, if you plan to keep heavier items on your shelves, the latter needs to be sturdy enough to hold the weight. In this regard, you can hire modern interior decorators in Singapore who can help you select and buy the right shelves for your home based on your needs.


While shelves are open, cupboards are tall and have doors. Installing built-in cupboards can help use every space available without wasted areas or little unused corners. You can install these built-in cupboards in any room in your house, such as bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and even living room. They can improve your home aesthetics while effectively storing every item in your home, thereby ensuring optimal space utilisation.

Use your bedroom space wisely

After a tiring day, your bedroom is a place where you want to feel relaxed and well-rested. However, living in a messy bedroom might cause you varying levels of discomfort. In addition to installing built-in cupboards, you can utilise under-bed storage. In this regard, you can invest in under-bed storage containers to keep all your seasonal clothing, additional bed linens, duvet, etc. Additionally, you can also buy closet organisers to separate items of clothing, accessories, etc. You can also install floating shelves for additional storage space.

Make the most of your kitchen space

Your kitchen should be highly functional and offer enough space to move around properly when preparing meals, making quick snacks, etc. You can install shelves, built-in cupboards, etc., to store utensils, food storage containers, and other items. Additionally, you can install drawers to keep smaller objects, such as spoons, forks, knives, etc., handy. You can also install hooks or magnetic strips to hang cups, mugs, and other items. Keep your counter tops and other kitchen surfaces clean by storing all essential objects in an organised way. It will help maximise your kitchen space.

Combining multiple rooms

When living in a limited space, you can combine multiple rooms to create more space. For instance, by installing a kitchen arch design in Singapore, you can combine your kitchen and dining room. Doing so can help maximise your space. Besides, you can also buy a kitchen table with a leaf, which is a board to adjust the table size. As a result, you can add extra seating when you have guests over while saving space at other times.


Storage is a critical aspect of bathrooms as well. Installing open shelves, cabinets, or built-in storage can help you store all bath and beauty essentials in your home without causing a mess.

Choose neutral colours

You can improve a room’s brightness by applying paint in neutral colours. Moreover, adding mirrors to reflect wall colours can also help brighten your rooms. It can help your rooms appear larger and more spacious.

All these tips can help maximise space in your residential property with limited space. CREATEMAKE offers home interior design in Singapore. We can help assess the available space in your home. It will allow us to create designs for improving the aesthetics and efficiency of your home space.