Exploring the Interior Designing Landscape in Singapore: The Old Vs New Design Aesthetics

Singapore is known for its stunning architecture and diverse cultural heritage. If you live here, you will find it to be a melting pot of design aesthetics. Over the years, interior design in Singapore has witnessed a significant shift. This is because modern design trends have started to take center stage and a modern luxury interior design Singapore studio is well-versed in offering the best services to clients.  

Here is a glimpse into modern and old aesthetics, along with a comparison of the two. Find out how changes in interior designing are shaping the homes and spaces in this vibrant city-state. 

Modern Design Aesthetics

Modern interior design in Singapore is being characterized by:

  • Sleek lines
  • Minimalism 
  • A focus on functionality

Modern designs in this city are being marked by clean and uncluttered spaces. There is a prevalence of open floor plans. You can find many interior designers in East Coast Road using neutral color palettes, such as:

  • White 
  • Grey 
  • Earthy tones

These palettes create a sense of calmness and elegance. You can also find designers making use of natural materials like:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Glass 

As such, adding accents made of these materials or furnishing pieces helps to add warmth and texture to interior spaces. One of the modern interior design firms on East Coast Road often incorporates smart technology and energy-efficient solutions when designing eye-catching projects for clients. This makes them more sustainable and future-oriented. 

Old Design Aesthetics

In Singapore, old design aesthetics are inspired by the rich cultural heritage and historical architecture of the city-state. In traditional design aesthetics, you can see the use of:

  • Traditional elements like intricate woodwork, ornate carvings, and vibrant colors 
  • Peranakan and colonial influences in the use of vibrant tiles, intricate motifs, and vintage furniture pieces. Over the years, old designs in Singapore have witnessed the use of traditional furniture with built-in storage, such as Chinese cabinets or Peranakan-style chests. 

These designs pay homage to the cultural roots of Singapore and create a sense of nostalgia.

Blending Modern and Old

In Singapore, one of the most exciting aspects of interior design is the blend of modern and old aesthetics. 

Use of traditional elements

You can find traditional elements being introduced increasingly into modern spaces by many homeowners and designers. 

For instance, a modern living room may feature a statement piece of antique furniture or a traditional artwork that adds character and a touch of heritage. What you get is a harmonious balance between the old and the new. This blend of styles helps make your space visually captivating as well as culturally rich. 

Focus on sustainability

In Singapore, interior designers are focusing increasingly on sustainability. They are integrating eco-friendly practices into their designs as a result. Both modern and old design aesthetics are embracing:

  • Sustainable materials 
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Smart home technology

Reclaimed wood, recycled materials and energy-saving appliances are commonly used in modern designs, while old designs incorporate vintage pieces that stand the test of time and reduce waste. With almost every prestigious interior design company on East Coast Road that uses sustainable practices, you get visually appealing as well as eco-friendly interior spaces today. 

Maximizing spaces

Both modern and old aesthetics focus on creating efficient and practical spaces without compromising on style. This is quite natural, as space is limited in Singapore. 

Designers are trying to optimize every square foot and make the most of small spaces with smart storage solutions. These emphasize functionality and have become crucial in interior design. 

Built-in cabinets, hidden storage compartments, and multipurpose furniture are commonly being used to maximize storage and create a clutter-free environment. 

Personalization and Customization

Interior design in Singapore is evolving fast with personalization and customization. These have gained prominence in recent years. Today, homeowners in Singapore seek unique and personalized spaces that reflect their individuality and lifestyle. 

There is absolute scope for personalization in modern designs. As a homeowner, you can incorporate your favorite colors, artwork, and decorative elements. 

On the other hand, there is a sense of heritage and nostalgia in old designs. As a homeowner, you can get the chance to display your cultural roots through traditional motifs and vintage pieces. 

The ability to customize and personalize spaces has become a defining aspect of interior design in Singapore.


Overall, interior designing in Singapore is undergoing a transformation, with modern design aesthetics taking the lead while old design aesthetics continue to hold cultural significance. You have many options to choose from while creating your dream space.